This Assault! Man's rice next door! Series in which Kosuke, a pedestrian in the world, attacks the homes of ordinary people. This year's New Year special edition! That's why I'm assaulting my wife's house enjoying a happy day and have beer and man rice for dinner! Conesque searches for a target while wandering around the city. I found a luxury condominium with a wealthy and beautiful wife, and immediately started charging! The wife of the transcendent beauty who looked delicious after opening the door. When I went inside and looked for the room, I found underwear and sailor clothes scattered on the bed! Of course, it's not Koneske who misses this! I will change into a uniform and push down the place where it became cute with Kyun! From then on, it's a turn for Konesque! I suck breasts with a proud technique and play with the pussy and blow the tide! Furthermore, in cowgirl, back and fellatio, poke the top and bottom mouths of your wife as much as you want! Then my wife's brother-in-law appeared there. I'm surprised at my sister who is pakopako in the back while saying Anne Anne! Even if it's in a pinch, there will be a Conesque as well, and skillful talk will also allow my brother-in-law to give a blowjob! For the New Year's treats, let's have a snack, ozoni, and this delicious man rice!